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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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it's a weather alert day and this is why. snow started falling early this morning and is still falling in some parts of our area. >> but the good news is that our temperatures are staying above freezing and that's keeping that snow from sticking to most of the roadways. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm barbara harrison. we're going to start with what you need to know about this storm. >> federal offices are open this morning but employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. buses are running on a normal bus schedule despite the snow. some schools were delayed this morning but the only closure to
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report, loudoun county in virginia and frederick county in maryland. now let's turn to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell for a look at how much more snow we can expect. >> good morning, everybody. 11:00 now on your tuesday. and the persistence of light to moderate snow from really washington northbound into northern maryland has continued to add onto the snow totals we picked up during the last couple of hours. most of the snow has been confined up the 270 corridor to frederick, maryland. that's where the bulk of the snow has been. montgomery, frederick and loudoun counties. there's more moisture down to our south streaming in our direction so we're not done with the accumulation of more snow just yet. i don't think we're going to add a whole lot more, maybe an inch to some spots getting an inch or two is a possibility. mostly rain south of the city but 2 to 5 inches and more in spots, possible north and west, but not a whole lot more additional accumulation from here on out. snow totals for this storm generally 2 to 5 inches or more
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across northernmost maryland. amostly a slushy inch or two. meteorologist tom kierein continues our team coverage. >> right here in the storm team 4 x 4 on interstate 270 heading northbound. there's a lot of road spray but we're right in the thick of that snow that chuck was just showing on the storm team 4 radar and you can track that with the nbc washington app. here's a view out of the front of the storm team 4 x 4. the pavement is just wet because temperatures are above freezing. we're in the mid-30s here in central montgomery county and as much as the snow has been falling all morning, it really hasn't stopped. as it falls and lands, it's also slowly melting with these temperatures in the mid-30s. so it continues to fall. it's sticking to some of the trees. but most of the main roads and certainly here interstate 270 is
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just wet. we're going to cut over on 27 and head over to damascus where they have had 3 to 4 inches of snow. we'll show you that in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks so much. now stay with us throughout the hour for frequent updates from the storm team 4 on still falling snow in the area. also our reporters are out and will be reporting on road conditions across the region. a reminder, you can always find the latest on the forecast, closings and road problems to avoid on our nbc washington app. new this morning, we can now show you the locations of eight new homeless shelters planned for d.c. we also put this map up on if you want to check it out. the shelters are being built to replace the d.c. general shelter. here's what d.c. mayor muriel bowser told us about shelters moving into your neighborhoods. >> we have paid special attention to how each of these units will be developed so they fit into their neighborhoods and
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that they can work well in any neighborhood. >> the mayor said d.c. general is not an appropriate place to house familiefamilies. there will be one new shelter for each d.c. ward. you're looking at a few of the new locations. that's one location there. each will hold between 29 and 50 families. one for women only will open later this year. right now new hampshire voters are making their picksn the nation's first primary of 2016. in bedford early voters filed into a high school gym to choose which candidate they want to see in the general elections. many polls opened up at 7:00. some in manchester had voters as early as 6:00 this morning. aaron gilchrist at the live desk. we're just learning new details. change in rules for people who operate unmanned aircraft, drones, in our area, the d.c. area. the faa saying it will allow more operation outside of that 15-mile radius of d.c. hobbyists, recreational operators can fly their drones
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if they are less than 55 pounds, they have to be registered, they have to be marked, they have to stay below 400 feet and in the line of sight of any operator. we're also hearing that you can only fly in clear conditions and you have to avoid other aircraft. the note yesterday from the faa was that there are now more registered drones in this country than there are registered poted aircraft, airplanes that are piloted here. so these new rules will take effect tomorrow and apply to anybody who wants to operate a drone outside the 15-mile radius of the district of columbia. well, it's a weather alert day. we could see snow flurries linger into tomorrow morning. what you need to know if you're traveling out of town in the next few days. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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here are four things to know as new hampshire holds the first primary in decision 2016. first an nbc news survey monkey poll shows shifts in the national race. among republicans donald trump holds the lead with 35% voter support. ted cruz and marco rubio are in second and third with 20 and 17% respectively. among democrats, hillary clinton holds a double-digit lead nationally over bernie sanders. most voters believe she will get the nomination. second, a little history behind a second place finish in new hampshire. it does have some precedence for presidents. >> how's it going, new hampshire? >> then senator barack obama took second place in the granite state in 2008. george w. bush lost out to john mccain in 2000. and bill clinton used his second place finish in 1992 to launch a comeback in the race for president. third, mixed reactions to harsh
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language on the campaign trail. a woman at a donald trump rally used a derogatory term to describe ted cruz last night and trump repeated it. >> she said it's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. >> "meet the press" moderator chuck todd said that moment may have derailed other campaigns but among trump supporters it works. finally a new decision to close schools in spotsylvania county on tuesday, the big primary day march 1st. 14 states conduct elections, including virginia. spotsylvania administrators say they close schools because they're anticipating a particularly high voter turnout. those are your four things to know. back to you. >> all right, voting is on in new hampshire. thank you. news4 at 11:00 tonight will have the results from the new hampshire primary as they come in this evening. right now, barbara, we continue to watch the weather conditions and they really vary across the area. chuck bell is back in 60 seconds. kathleen matthews: too many nights,
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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i'm molette green live in leesburg. in this town you can see the roads are clear and very drivable. we want you to take a look at some video also that we shot all around this town in loudoun county. looking good all thanks to pretreated roads, relatively warm temperatures as well. in some areas and neighborhoods, it looked really more like a winter wonderland with just that little bit of accumulating snow on the grassy areas mostly. no real trouble spots to report in loudoun county except for one area along route 7 in the hills. folks we talked to say they learned conditions in this vast county can vary. now, i just checked in with vdot. at peak they had about 1600
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trucks on the roads to treat the conditions, but as you can see, the roads look really good. the conditions are great. they have pulled back from the subdivisions and off some of the roads. they do have some trucks out and they will be out throughout the day and into the night as temperatures start to fall a little bit and whatever wetness is on the roads starts to freeze over. that is the latest live from leesburg, i'm molette green, news4. >> i'm meteorologist chuck bell. radar continues to show light to moderate pockets of snow from washington northbound into northern maryland. more moisture down to our south and west which is starting as rain but as it gets transported a little farther to the north, it does change over to a rain-snow mix and eventually to mostly snow. temperatures everywhere are all above freezing. 34 in frederick, maryland, 37 now at national airport. still, roads impacted this morning into early this afternoon could have some slushy or slippery spots, so just use caution as you're driving about
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today. for your evening commute from areas south of washington, really not much of a problem. really not more than a nuisance on the roads for areas north and west. when i see you in a few more minutes, we'll talk about how much colder it's going to get tonight, into tomorrow and especially for the weekend. you don't want to miss that. we're not the only ones experiencing snow today. a blizzard passed through parts of massachusetts and dumped a whole lot of snow up there. parts of martha's vineyard saw 10 inches of snow. to the north boston got almost 6.5 inches of snow. parts of new hampshire also saw several inches but isn't expected to disrupt the presidential primary. the worst of it is over but the storm is expected to last through wednesday up there with rain and snow mixed. but that snow is having an impact on our airports in our area. at bwi marshall, 36 flights were cancelled this morning. 27 were cancelled at reagan national, we just checked. and 3 flights were cancelled
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coming into dulles airport. among the three of them, nearly 30 flights have been delayed today. we are going to continue to keep you up to date on the travel conditions as well as the weather. also still ahead, a gopping story, this one out of germany we've been following all morning long. a deadly train derailment and two people are still missing. neighborhood,i feel like
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storm team 4 radar is still very active with more snow falling across parts of our region right now. >> we want to check in with derrick ward who is live in gaithersburg this morning. it's coming down pretty steadily out there, derrick. >> hey, derrick. >> reporter: indeed it is coming down but all i can say is thank goodness for warm, above freezing temperatures because at the rate that it's coming down now, if this was sticking, we'd have an issue. take a look, this is new snow on top of the old snow. somewhat deceiving. as you can see there, it's still under here and that is hard as ice. that's going to be an issue, people still removing these piles and getting them out of the way. this surface is what you're going to encounter on parking lots, driveways and untreated surfaces like that. it's a little bit slippery so you've got to watch your step. the grass it is sticking, all fresh snow on the grass. beyond that the sidewalks where people have got to walk, none of the issues we saw during the last storm. and route 355, it's like rain.
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you've got to be cautious because it is a wet surface, but again because we're above freezing and we have been for most of the snowfall, it's not causing an issue. now, there are some school delays, two-hour delays and the county government is on a liberal leave policy. non-essential people can take unscheduled leave. you have to call in. but essential employees are asked to be in. you probably know that already if you are an essential employee and are probably not even watching this. in any case, we did dodge a bullet with the temperatures because the wait it's coming down it could be an issue but this one doesn't seem to be affecting people at all. we're live in montgomery county, derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> thanks, derrick. clearly one of our most essential employees out there weathering the elements for us this morning. still plenty of snow across most of montgomery county, frederick county and loudoun county and plenty of snowflakes the western half of fairfax as well. it's mostly rain south of the prince william parkway going south of i-95 but this will continue for much of the day.
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here's our future weather presentation. by 4:30 this afternoon it shows most of the area trying to break up. i don't have 100% confidence in that. by this evening another little pocket of moisture down to our south and west could bring flurries and maybe a coating of snow down into parts of southern maryland and another ripple up here in the atmosphere could bring additional coating across northern maryland. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, still an opportunity for a school delay or closure coming up tomorrow. tomorrow during the course of the day breezy and chilly. temperatures in the 30s tomorrow. things will clear out a little bit wednesday night into thursday. that's when the arctic air starts to settle in here. it's going to be real cold and dry starting on thursday going into the weekend. so school delay forecast for tomorrow. i think a 60% chance of more delays or cancellations, only a 30% chance thursday and only a 20% chance for friday. bone-chilling cold this weekend. seven-day forecast when i see you next.
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>> aaron gilchrist at the live desk where we're learning about a desperate plea for blood donations in germany after a horrible train collision there. we'll show you some video coming in from the scene. we know at least nine people died here. there are about 81 people who were injured, several of them having received bad injuries in southeastern germany. rescue workers, hundreds of them literally converged on the scene after 7:00 local time this morning and literally had to climb through some of the windows to get to some of the victims here. at this point we know two trains collided, they were traveling around a curve from opposite directions at about 60 miles an hour. we understand they would not have seen each other before they collided onhat single track in this heavily wooded area. still a lot more to investigate to figure out exactly what led to all of this and the rescue effort, the effort to retrieve people who have been injured here will continue throughout the day as well. more updates on this story as we learn new infoation here at the live desk. developing along the potomac, we're learning more about that oily substance
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creating a sheen on the water north of reagan national airport. test results show it contains fuel oil. now state and local agencies are working to learn where it came from. crews are doing whatever they can to clean up that substance affecting the geese and the ducks in the area. one goose has died now from the contamination. in prince george's county, police are working to find out whether more children are victims of a serial child pornography suspect. officers say 22-year-old deonte karaway made some pornographic videos inside of an elementary school. he is an aide in glen arden. he also worked with a community choir that rehearsed at the glen arden municipal center and was involved in activities at the aquatic center across the street. >> people always say i can't believe something like this happened in my neighborhood. but these things always happen and it's always somebody you would not expect it to be.
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>> police started working this case after the uncle of a 9-year-old saw a nude picture on his nephew's phone. missing any mail? well, if you live in virginia, it may have become trash. federal investigators say a u.s. postal worker was caught dumping some of his mail delivery behind an apartment building in alexandria. court records say the postal carrier was criticized for being too slow on his route and he did not want to get behind schedule that day. he's suspected of dumping promotional mail which was later pulled from the trash. if convicted, he could face up to six months in prison. >> after the break, new information on trump international hotel being finished right now in the district. don't forget, you can catch news4 midday from anywhere. all you need is your smartphone or tablet. just open the nbc washington app, hit watch live tv now.
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new details surrounding the future of the trump international moeghotel in nortt washington. our news partners wtop confirm it will be this september. that's more than two years after the renovation of the post office building on pennsylvania avenue actually started. it will include 263 rooms and one of the largest ballrooms in the strict. happening today, you can take part in the annual pancake races at the washington national cathedral. it is a one-of-a-kind event celebrating the british tradition of pancake day marking the last day ahead of lent. the first person to cross the finish line with their pancake in their frying pan wins the race. the race kicks off at 12:30 today. believe it or not, this could be one of the warmest days of the week. it helping melt that snow, keeping it from sticking to many roads. chuck is back after the break with when temperatures will drop.
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first, here's news4's wendy rieger. >> it is the icon over rio de janei janeiro. the statue that you always see everywhere, sometimes going in and out of the clouds. i went up there and talked to someone from the archdiocese. there's always an archdiocese and they hold mass up there. you'll be surprised the secrets that are hidden within christ the redeemer as it was being built. it has quite a story beyond taking a selfie. watch my story tonight on new
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good morning once again, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. even with the study periods of rain and snow out there today and flurries likely through the day tomorrow, these are going to be the warmest of the next seven days as we are set to drop into the deep freeze beginning wednesday night into thursday. but another shot of even colder air arrives in time for the weekend. so here's your seven-day forecast. 38 today and tomorrow with a mix
11:26 am
of rain and snow, steady through the day today. occasional flurries tomorrow. then turning breezy and noticeably colder. thursday's high only 29 degrees. friday morning single numbers and teens for start-out temperatures, barely near freezing for a high on friday. it looks like we'll stay below freezing all weekend. sunday morning, valentine's morning, suburbs down near zero. we'll talk about the windchills in a few minutes. news for your health now, they are used to treat millions of people for heartburn and acid reflux. now there's a new warning some of the most popular drugs have some new serious side effects. here's nbc's anne thompson. >> can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? >> reporter: stopping heartburn is big business. >> zero heartburn. >> reporter: sold as nexium, prilosec and prevacid, americans shelled out $10 billion for the prescription version of these drugs.
11:27 am
now a new study from johns hopkins says these acid-reducing drugs may increase the risk for chronic kidney disease 20% to 50%. cleveland clinic kidney specialist, dr. counsel is treating kim hinkle. >> kim had normal kidney function in march and blood work in august showed kidney function down to 30%. >> reporter: she was taking one of the over-the-counter versions. the doctor had her stop and her kidneys improved. >> i was lucky that it was caught early. >> reporter: for over-the-counter acid reducers the fda recommends they be used for 14 days and no more than three times a year. for the prescription versions, the package insert recommends for most conditions the pills be taken up to eight weeks. >> pills are not the only answer. food is the answer. >> reporter: dr. jonathan insists his patients avoid acidic foods, like berries,
11:28 am
chocolate and anything with caffeine for 28 days. >> you can change your diet and reduce acid production and actually heal your own body by what you're eating. >> reporter: the makers of these drugs say they are safe and effective when used correctly. that and diet can keep stomach acid where it belongs. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. well, we have been talking a lot about road conditions this morning. after the break, we're going to check in with tom kierein. he's seen just about everything this morning in that storm team 4 x 4. we're talking rain that covered roads and parking lots and light snow.
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right now snow continues to fall in parts of our area and could stick around all day. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. he's in montgomery county right now in the storm team 4 x 4. tom, what are you seeing right now? >> yeah, in far northern montgomery county, we're just to the north of clarksburg on clarksburg road. this is a little side road. you can see the kngcondition of this side road is snow covered. anything that hasn't been plowed where they have had 3 to 4 inches of this wet snow is difficult to get by. as you see, we're having to move over to let one vehicle. it's only sort of one-way traffic here right now. storm team 4 x 4 pretty tough. we can make it through easily no problem with 4 inches of snow.
11:32 am
you can see this little neighborhood has not been plowed. up to 4 inches of snow fell but as it's fallen, look at the temperatures here, 34 degrees, it continues to slowly melt even after its fallen. all the main roads, though, up toward damascus on 27 was just all wet. clarksburg road itself is just wet, but this is a typical side street or side neighborhood road here in northern montgomery county on this tuesday morning that got 3 to 4 inches of this wet snow and it's still coming down. it has not stopped snowing the whole morning. the thing is, it just continues to slowly melt after it falls. angie. >> such a difference from one spot to the other. snow started falling very early this morning in parts of loudoun county but that did not stop people from getting out and about. molette is live in leesburg to look at conditions out there. i know earlier you were concerned because people were just blazing by.
11:33 am
have things improved? are people taking it easy now? >> reporter: people are still driving very fast, some of them, and the police are out and pulling them over and giving them tickets. and once it started snowing this morning, angie, it never really stopped. as you can see the roads are looking good. they're clear, but very wet and there are some possible slick spots. many might describe today's event out here in loudoun county as all bark and no real bite. snow transformed the town of leesburg into a winter wonderland with some accumulation by midday on grassy areas and on trees creating quite a scene. >> yeah, it is pretty, of course. look at that tree over there. it looks like an umbrella. >> reporter: public school kids stayed home. loudoun county cancelled classes before sunrise and kept school buses parked. fewer drivers on the roads allowed crews some space to treat throughout the morning,
11:34 am
but pretreated pavement and relatively warm temps made way for mostly clear and drivable conditions in most areas, forcing this snowdogg truck driver to park near route 7 and wait to spread chemicals. >> i'm waiting for more snow, 5, 6 inches more. >> reporter: sanitation workers had no problems on their routes in neighborhoods like this one, but this leesburg dog owner out for a walk appreciates the varying weather conditions in this county. >> i think the further out you go and north on 15 is worse. so that's the bad part of being in loudoun county. >> reporter: back live here along east market street in leesburg, we can tell you that vdot crews are still out on the roads, mostly monitoring the conditions and they will continue to stay out throughout the night to treat as needed, especially once the temperatures
11:35 am
start to fall. a lot fewer trucks out on the road because things look so good here. let's go now here over to chuck bell with the latest on what we can expect throughout the day in weather. >> thanks, molette. yeah, you keep hitting the right point which is temperatures have remained above freezing for this event and this is why it's so tough to be a forecaster in these kinds of situations. it's been snowing for hours, but courtesy of temperatures just a few degrees above freezing, most of it is melting as it makes contact with the ground. so winter weather advisory continues until midnight tonight for the northern half of the news4 nation. snowfall amounts generally speaking in the 2 to 5-inch rain across most of montgomery, frederick and loudoun counties. slushy amounts up to 2 inches on glassy areas for the immediate suburbs in washington. pockets of moderate snow across most of fairfax and montgomery counties, heading up into howard and carroll as well and rain showers down here near fredericksburg which could mix in with a new snowflakes.
11:36 am
when i see you next we'll start talking tomorrow and the chances for school. new this midday, military projects, new money for cancer research and cyber security top the priorities in president obama's final budget proposal. he made his pitch for fiscal year 2017 earlier this morning. they're looking at it, arriving at the capital. look at all those boxes. the president's budget could face resistance from congressional republicans, especially on a newly proposed oil tax. new details about an effort to crack down on drug abuse in this country. several republican lawmakers as well as walgreens getting together to make an announcement about two programs that are designed to crack down particularly on opioid abuse, heroin, for example. part of that effort will be walgreens putting kiosks, disposable kiosks in all of its stores or as many stores as it can in 39 states and the district of columbia of the they
11:37 am
just made this announcement a few minutes ago about this effort to put drug disposal kiosks in walgreens stores. listen. >> but we need to make the safe disposal of medication easier and these kiosks do just that. >> reporter: the other effort here includes naloxone, that is the drug overdose reversal drug that we've been hearing about so much. walgreens is going to make this available without a prescription now at its stores in several states. we expect that d.c., maryland and virginia will be included in both of these efforts by the end of the year. we'll see those disposal kiosks in 24-hour stores and see the naloxone available in those stores as well by the end of the year. >> aaron, thank you. today is your chance to sound off about possible changes coming to bus routes in prince william county. officials are considering bus cuts and higher fares due to the $9.2 million budget deficit. we talked to some folks at the
11:38 am
commuter lot and many are upset with the proposed cuts. >> yeah, they need more buses and routes, you know what i'm saying. people be out here waiting for hours at a time for a bus, 45 minutes to an hour and that's during rush hour. >> the public meeting is today at manchester city hall in council chambers at 1:00 p.m. after the break, celebrating the super bowl champs and keeping you up to date on today's weather. we'll be right back.
11:39 am
in less than an hour the denver broncos are holding a parade. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come out and celebrate the team's super bowl win. you are looking at video of the broncos arriving back in denver yesterday. quarterback peyton manning held a separate parade, of course, at disneyland after that big win. well, it looks like most of you decided to pick up the nachos and put down your phone for the super bowl. facebook activity dropped 25%
11:40 am
compared to last year's game. twitter posts were down 49%. the most tweeted part of the game wasn't the actual game. 162,000 tweets went out the minute following the halftime show that featured coldplay, beyonce and bruno mars. well, with just six weeks left, gaithersburg native aaron willette is still alive on "the biggest loser." >> oh, my god. i mean the rock star is on the red carpet. this is the girl that matches the voice. >> last night the big makeover episode, erin has lost 50 pounds and she got a complete head-to-toe makeover. you may remember she came in fifth place on season two of "the voice." stay tuned monday nights to see if she makes it even further on "the biggest loser." >> right now many of you have loved ones at school or work with the snow still falling. after the break, chuck lets us know what we can expect during
11:41 am
the ev
11:42 am
good morning, everybody. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. 11:41 on your tuesday morning. what you need to know about the weather today. the ugly mix of rain and snow is expected to continue through the remainder of the daylight hours. winter weather advisory goes until midnight. there will be snow flurries around tomorrow but not much in the way of an accumulating snow. the next thing to watch out for is the deep freeze coming this weekend. my saturday morning bhwindchill will be in the teens but by sunday morning air temperatures down in the single numbers. with a noticeable northwesterly breeze we could have windchills in the dangerous range of minus 10 or colder in a few spots, so we have some very dangerous cold coming our way for the weekend. valentine's day is going to be frigid. find somebody to snuggle up with now. >> good idea. >> keep your loved ones close. now over to the zika virus. today the obama administration
11:43 am
will ask congress for nearly $2 million in emergency funding, this to help fight the infection. >> there are now 51 zika cases in the u.s., people who contracted it abroad. that's why federal health experts are once again issuing travel warnings. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: with spring break just weeks away, the cdc's warning for anyone traveling to the caribbean or latin america is suddenly taking on added urgency. millions of people in the region are expected to contract zika this year. already in brazil, 4,000 babies diagnosed with abnormally small heads and brains. >> we're not cancelling spring break. we're telling people who are pregnant, you know, you may not want to go. >> reporter: with 30 countries and territories now included on the cdc's list of zika areas to avoid, the cdc's emergency operations center has gone to the highest level of response. now with the olympic games just six months away, the u.s. olympic committee is reiterating the cdc guidance for pregnant
11:44 am
women or women who could become pregnant to avoid zika hot zones. they also say they would not and will not prevent athletes from competing for their country should they qualify. meanwhile the white house is now asking congress for nearly $2 billion in the fight against zika, including the expedited development of a zika vaccine. still, a widespread vaccine rollout could be years away. >> we have the capability now of moving very quickly to get a vaccine candidate into what we call phase one clinical trials to determine if it's safe. >> reporter: so on the ground in florida, the state is ramping up mosquito control efforts. residents told to get rid of standing water. the smallest amount can be a breeding ground for mosquitos, as the fight to zika seems to get closer by the day. >> that was tom costello reporting. montgomery county is seeing some of the highest snow totals today. >> we'll check back with ♪
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across montgomery county we've seen a steady stream of snow this morning, but on the roads it looks more like a rainstorm. let's get another check from news4's derrick ward who's live in gaithersburg. derrick, i see it is still coming down. >> reporter: it is indeed. you know, it's a little bit like being inside a snow globe, i mustimagine, but the good thing is it's not sticking. as a matter of fact, take a look at what's going on back here. it's giving some of those plow drivers or those loader
11:48 am
operators a chance to put in some work in getting rid of what's left of the last snow, and it's not a futile attempt. if this snow was sticking, it would be pointless to move it around like that. but you can see they are having some success doing that. the roads are fine, they're completely passable. you exercise caution because they are indeed wet. but the challenge will be later tonight when the temperatures drop again. this is the benefit that we're seeing of these roads being pretreated. they had some lead time to get ahead of this and even with the temperatures like they are, there wouldn't be much of an issue of stick bug they erred on the side of caution. this isn't the debilitating storm we just went through a couple of weeks ago. now harry moear more about whatg on in the atmosphere with chuck bell. >> nothing but snowfall where you are in gaithersburg and all the way up into frederick county and westbound into northern fairfax from great falls, out towards potomac and leesburg.
11:49 am
not a whole lot in the way of additional accumulations. the snowfall rates have come down just a smidgeon from earlier today so i think storm totals right on track. 2 to 5 inches, there could be one or two spots that get more than that but not too many. road impacts overnight tonight, where the slushy snow is the deepest tonight, temperatures may drop below freezing so watch out for a chance of some slipperiness on the roads early tomorrow morning. news4 today likely to be starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the rest of the day, rain and snow mixing together, eventually coming to an end. blustery with flurries tomorrow. one more check of a frigid seven-day when i see you next. the pictures coming in from ohio of a train derailment, in marysville, ohio, just outside of columbus. it was about 10:00 this morning when a freight train and other train collided knocking the locomotive and ten cars off the
11:50 am
tracks there. we understand two people were injured as a result of the mess you see here. no serious injuries as a result of this collision and they have got those cars that they have to clean up, no hazardous materials on scene, although there are fire and police units here trying to figure out exactly what happened that caused this train collision and subsequent derailment there in marysvillma ohio. voters are coming in in the first primary election. we are monitoring the results from new hampshire for you. make sure you have our nbc washington app to get the results as fast as they come in. nbc's tracie potts now explains what you should expect from manchester, new hampshire. >> reporter: down but not out. hillary clinton hit the polls this morning. >> we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast and counted. >> three small towns voted just after midnight. kasich and sanders won tiny dick'sville notch.
11:51 am
now the rest of new hampshire begins what election officials expect to be a record-breaking day. >> out the door. lines out the door. >> reporter: candidates continue their final arguments today. >> it's christmas eve for politicians in new hampshire. and you all get to play santa claus. >> this is now crunch time. >> reporter: trump has a huge lead here, but the number two spot seems up for grabs. polls show cruz, rubio, even kasich or bush have a shot at it. >> you are the ones that is going to make this happen. >> get up early tomorrow and vote. get up early tomorrow and get your friends and family to vote. >> bernie sanders fired up supporters. he's way ahead of hillary clinton in the polls. today is the last day and polls show more than half the electorate is either undecided -- >> not even what party i'm voting for yet. >> reporter: or willing to switch their vote at the last minute. they're expecting a huge turnout here today, more than half a
11:52 am
million people. that's two-thirds of all new hampshire voters. in manchester, tracie potts, nbc news. we have really lucked out today. temperatures above freezing means clear roads like these. take a look. after the break, your snow pictures, and keep them coming. pictures, and keep them coming. tag us at nbc washington. you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
11:53 am
every time it snows we want you to share your wintry experiences with us. it's not a blizzard out there but a lot of you are sharing your photos as you're seeing the impact. always makes for pretty pictures. take a look at these pictures. this is from edward mcpike jr. he says the roads are fine, starting to stick to the sidewalks but schools were closed in loudoun county. this is from jason saying typical frederick county winter morning. and this is from larissa who woke up to a beautiful snowy morning in round hill, virginia. very pretty there. and this is from preeti mannon.
11:54 am
welcome back snow. one of our news4 photographers took this video, take a look, showing slow motion snow. those fat, gorgeous snowflakes. we saw a lot of snow there. conditions caused some schools to close or start late. as i mentioned, we'll see if the snow causes any impact tomorrow as it may not kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
11:55 am
it's fat tuesday. that means the end of mardi gras season is here. hordes of revelers are ready to celebrate today. >> reporter: the costumes -- >> welcome to new orleans, baby! >> reporter: the parades, and of course the beads. all part of an iconic mardi gras experience. a feast for the eyes and ears.
11:56 am
♪ >> beyond. >> beyond, yes. >> definitely beyond our expectations. >> reporter: visitors and locals alike. >> i'm always here every year and we dance a lot. >> you may not know the person on the side of you. when you get to know them, you get to know where they're coming from. >> reporter: security is tighter than ever before with so much surveillance the fbi says visitors should always assume they're being filmed. in addition to agents, some 1100 new orleans police officers are on patrol, many undercover. >> we want you to have a good time but we will not tolerate violent behavior. >> reporter: the weather this season has been cool and rainy, not perfect, but not enough to affect any of the scheduled events. a little rain on these parades not even slowing the celebration. in new orleans, sarah dallof. mid to upper 30s today and tomorrow, just passing flurries tomorrow, a few breaks of sunshine from time to time. breezy and cold on thursday and
11:57 am
bitter cold this weekend. >> that's going to do it for
11:58 am
11:59 am
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today on the meredith vieira show, we are talking what's hot now, a couple connecting on instagram, then married each other within seconds of meeting each other. is their hash tag happily ever after. gay, straight, jesse reveals why love shouldn't have a label. and hollywood couples devon franklin and meagan good open up why they waited to have sex until their wedding night. could you? and a 14-year-old beating the odds. his story will inspire you. >> he's a gift. there is not one day, not one moment i would change. >> it all starts right now on meredith! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪


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